A project to backup Netflix history with more detail than their csv history download.

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Used to backup Netflix history using their unofficial API, and save it as a JSON file. To avoid rate-limiting and unecesarry API-calls, it doesn't get data it already got previously, and it waits in between requests.

The project consists of two components: the extension and the backend. The extension gets the build identifier and auth url, and then makes the actual requests to Netflix, shows info to the user, and then sends this to the backend. The backend loads and saves data into a json file. It also returns the latest item in the stored entries to the extension, so the extension doesn't re-get entries that are already recorded.

This extension should work on Chromium-based browsers, and on Firefox. It was tested on Opera Developer Edition.



In backend, run yarn install.



Go to about://extensions.
Enable developer mode.
Click Pack extension.
For Extension root directory, select the extension/src folder.
If you have packed this extension before, also select the private key for Private key file, located at extension/src.pem.
Click Pack extension.
Now you will have the extension, located at extension/src.crx.
You can drag this src.crx file on the about://extensions page.
You can then click Install on the NetflixBackup extension.
Allow permission.
Click on Options for the NetflixBackup extension.
Fill in the backend address, for example http://localhost:3000.
Click Save.
If the extension is not visible from the toolbar, make sure it is visible.



Run node index.js.
You will first see how many items are currently stored, and when the latest stored was played. It will also log the first and last item currently stored.
The backend is now ready.
After the extension sends items, more information will be shown on the backend.


Go to Netflix.
Log in on the correct profile.
Refresh the page.
Click on the extension in the toolbar.
If everything says Ready, click on Backup items to backend.